Dr. John Crandall was interviewed by Fox 5 news and demonstrated NAET being used to stop a patient from smoking.  Please keep in mind NAET is not a technique that was created to specifically stop an addiction to cigarettes.  Rather, its effectiveness in stopping a smoker's cravings and addiction lies in resolving the way the meridian system responds to the cigarette smoke.  Smoking addiction is a result of an "allergic" response by the acupuncture meridian system, as all allergic responses are.

To successfully stop smoking, the protocol requires treating the smoker for allergens they may have to foods and other items in their environment.  The total number of treatments needed to help a smoker stop smoking may vary from 4-15 treatments.  NAET helps stop the "chemical" aspect of a smoker's problem.  The smoker needs to be ready to deal with the habit.  That means being ready to deal with the "emotional" aspect of addiction.  Dr. Crandall cannot guarantee that a smoker's addiction will be "cured" in all cases.